Walther P99 FAQ

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Table of Contents

I - Barrels and Calibers

  1. Besides the obvious caliber difference, how do the 9mm and .40 Auto versions differ?
  2. Can I shoot lead bullets in my P99?
  3. Can I buy a threaded barrel for my P99?
  4. Is the P99 available in other calibers? Are any interchangeable?
  5. Is there a .22LR conversion unit for the P99?

II - Decocker

  1. How do I know if my P99's striker is cocked?
  2. Why is the de-cocker difficult to manipulate?
  3. If I de-cock my P99, thus putting it into DA mode, how can I re-cock the striker to put it back into SA mode?
  4. Why does the P99 QA have a de-cocker?

III - Magazines

  1. Are P99 magazines drop-free?
  2. It is difficult to manipulate the magazine release with my thumb. What gives?
  3. Do the SW99 and P99 use the same magazines?
  4. Where can I order spare (and genuine) Walther P99 magazines?
  5. How many rounds do LE magazines hold?
  6. Are pre-ban full-capacity magazines available for the P99?
  7. I want to buy a "Euro P99," but live in a state that does not allow me to buy 16-round magazines. What can I do?
  8. Why do the .40 Auto P99 magazines have followers in different colors?
  9. Why do my .40 Auto P99 magazines have a dimple on the left side?
  10. Can the P99 Compact use P99 (full size) magazines?

IV - Markings

  1. Where is the serial number located on P99s?
  2. What importer markings have been used for the P99?
  3. What do the various proofmarks on the P99 mean?
  4. Is there a warning message printed, stamped, engraved, or otherwise visible on the P99?
  5. What parts of the P99 bear the Walther banner?
  6. Why did Walther change the logo from roll-marking (engraved) the slide to laser etched markings?

V - Recoil Assemblies

  1. Do all P99s share the same recoil spring?
  2. Is there a metal recoil rod available for the P99?
  3. Are there aftermarket recoil assemblies available for the P99?

VI - Sights

  1. How do I remove the rear sight?
  2. What size front sights come with the P99?
  3. What brand of night sights should I install on my P99?
  4. Are there steel sights available for the P99?

VII - Triggers

  1. Why is the trigger so gritty or otherwise not smooth?
  2. Why is the first single-action trigger pull of my P99 so long?
  3. Is the trigger face of the P99 smooth or serrated?
  4. Why does my Interarms 9mm P99 trigger look different than the current 9mm P99?

VIII - Variations

  1. What finishes are available for the P99?
  2. What is the P99 QPQ?
  3. What is the difference between the P99, P990, and P99 QA?
  4. What is the Euro P99?
  5. What color are the grip inserts for Military (olive drab frame) P99s?
  6. How do the Smith & Wesson SW99 and Walther P99 differ?
  7. What is the P99 Compact?
  8. What P99 commemorative models are available?
  9. Any other rare or unusual models out there?
  10. What changes were made for the 2004 versions?

IX - General Questions

  1. Who is currently importing P99s into the US?
  2. How much lubrication is required for P99s?
  3. When was my P99 manufactured?
  4. To what extent can I break-down my P99?
  5. Is my P99 100% German-made?
  6. How do I change backstraps?
  7. How many parts are there in a P99?
  8. Is my P99 made by Smith & Wesson?
  9. Can I safely dry-fire my P99 without snap caps or dummy rounds?
  10. Do P99 holsters fit both calibers?
  11. I heard that the P99's slide and barrel are tennifer-treated, like Glocks. Is this true?
  12. Can I adjust the P99's grip?
  13. What devices can fit on the P99's accessory rail?
  14. What is the yellow tool with a knob at the end used for?
  15. What automatic safety mechanisms are included in the P99?
  16. Does the P99 have a loaded chamber indicator?
  17. Is it safe to use Gun Scrubber on the polymer frame of my P99?
  18. Who were the designers of the Walther P99?
  19. Why does my P99's locking block have a notch?
  20. Why are there two types of slide stop lever springs?
  21. Where can I order P99 parts and accessories?
  22. Is it normal for the recoil rod to protrude from the slide?
  23. How durable is the P99?
  24. What is the purpose of the ramp/hump inside of the trigger guard?

X - Troubleshooting

  1. I just bought a P99 in 9mm, and I am experiencing failures to eject. What gives?
  2. I have a .40 Auto P99, and am experiencing premature slide lock-back with rounds still in the magazine. How can I fix this?

XI - More Information

  1. Does Carl Walther in Germany have a web site with P99 information?
  2. Are there any P99 brochures available?
  3. Are there any P99 manuals available online?

James Lenaburg/Dr. Ken Lunde/Jim Costanza
Revised: 8/14/11