Any other rare or unusual models out there?

There was a P99 Titanium Slide prototype model made sometime around 1999/2000 that David Avery of Dr. David Avery (aka, Doc's Walthers) had at a Dallas Gun Show. It was a "one-of-a-kind". It is unknown who has it now (I should have bought it!).

There is also the P99 QSA. Details from another P99 fan are as follows:

The QSA was the prototype of the P99 QA. The differences between the two are only the decocker button and "QSA" printed on the left side of the slide. The QSA has the P99 decocker instead of the little button on the P99 QA. There are NO import marks on the gun. It has the Euro-style sight (like Glocks) and came with two 16 rnd factory mags as well as box and manual. This is 1 of 7 made. I know of two others in this country and two in Europe. A real collector's item!

There are also various special engraved models of the P99 available from Earl's Repair Service.

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