What is the P99 Compact?

The Walther P99c (aka, P99 Compact), in three different trigger configurations, was introduced at the 2004 SHOT Show. The three trigger configurations are AS (Anti Stress, which is a new name for the traditional SA/DA trigger), QA (Quick Action), and DAO (Double Action Only). The following are photos of the three configurations:


Note that the front of the frame has a Picatinny-style accessory rail that will fit the Insight Technology XML light, the longer and ambidextrous (meaning on both sides) slide stop lever, and the new-style slide serrations. The original single-sided slide stop lever is still available. The proofmarks and datecode on the frame are now on the bottom of the accessory rail, as opposed to on the right side for previous frames.

The specifications of the P99 Compact are as follows: 3.5-inch barrel length, 6.6-inch length, 4.3-inch height, 1.3-inch width, 10-round magazines (whether LE or not), and a weight of only 18.7 ounces. The following is a photo of the Walther P99 Compact overlaid on the new Walther P99:

Two styles of magazines are included with the P99c. One has a finger rest extension as shown in the photos above. The other is flat and flush with the bottom of the grip.

Be sure to note that the laser-etched markings on the left side of the slide as shown above have been changed to genuine engraving on production models, as shown on the following photos of a P99c AS:


According to Walther's literature, the P99 Compact is available in only 9mm, and all of the variations displayed at the SHOT Show were 9mm. A .40 Auto version in the QA configuration is forthcoming, and is mentioned in Walther America's current literature. Its slide (and barrel) will be 1mm longer than that of the 9mm version, and the front of the slide will not be scalloped like that of the 9mm version.

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