What is the difference between the P99, P990, and P99 QA?

The P99 is a true double action pistol (DA is about 9lbs, and SA is about 5.5lbs). The P990 is double-action only (about 9lbs). The P99 QA is Glock-like in that every shot has a consistent trigger pull, and is relatively light (about 7lbs). All three variations are available in 9mm and .40 Auto. The P990 has been discontinued in the US, and is no longer being imported by Smith & Wesson, even though they still list it on the Walther America site. They can still be found occasionally for sale, but there are no distributers currently stocking them. CDNN Investments bought the remaining stock from Walther USA then closed them out.

There was a new variant, the Walther P99 DA, shown on my Walther main page, that was introduced at the European IWA 2002 show, but was apparently a special version only produced for police trials in Germany, ultimately losing out to the HK P2000. It is not known if this variant will ever be produced for sale to the public, either in Europe, or the US. Here's a photo of the Walther P99DA:

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