Are there steel sights available for the P99?

Yes. Unlike the polymer sights that have four front sights, each with a different height, there is only one steel front sight. Although it is considered a #4 sight, it is 5.1mm high, whereas the #4 polymer front sight is 4.5mm high. They are treated the same because the steel rear sight is correspondingly taller than the polymer rear sight.

The front sight is secured to the slide through the use of a screw (like night sights), and the rear sight is kept in place through the use of a clamping sleeve. That is, the steel rear sight does not use the spring-loaded plunger like the polymer rear sight.

The following photos show the steel versus polymer front sight (steel on the left, and #4 polymer on the right), the polymer rear sight (American version with two dots), the steel rear sight, the steel rear sight's clamping sleeve, and a view of the bottom of the steel rear sight showing where the clamping sleeve is positioned:


The Carl Walther part number for the steel sight set is 265 58 45, and costs 25 Euro. Note that Carl Walther has redesigned the steel sights, and are now more rounded.

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