What brand of night sights should I install on my P99?

Kimber/Meprolight ML18800 night sights, available from Arizona Gun Runners, are both inexpensive and high-quality, and are thus the most highly-recommended night sights for the P99:

Other night sight choices include those made by Trijicon (part number WP01) and Earl's Repair Service (part number EARL2). Those made by Earl's Repair Service use Trijicon tritium inserts, and thus have "Trijicon" lettering on the front (top surface) and rear (right side) sights. The following is a photo of those made by Earl's Repair Service (photo courtesy of Jim Costanza):

The following two photos show these three types of night sights, front and rear, installed onto Walther P99s (from left to right: Earl's Repair Service EARL2, Meprolight ML18800, and Trijicon WP01), which clearly show how the contours and geometry of the rear sights differ (photos courtesy of Jim Costanza):


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