What size front sights come with the P99?

Four front sights come with every P99, and are marked with a single digit on the top-front of the blade. Their heights, measured from the base of the sight to its top, are as follows:

  • #3 = 4.2mm
  • #4 = 4.5mm
  • #5 = 4.8mm
  • #6 = 5.1mm

    The #4 front sight is installed onto all P99s from the factory, regardless of caliber. The front sight is secured in place with a small headless male hex screw. The following is a photo of all four front sight sizes, from #3 to #6:

    Two additional front sight heights exist, as follows:

  • #1 = 3.6mm
  • #2 = 3.9mm

    These additional front sight heights are used by the new Smith & Wesson SW99 chambered in .45 Auto.

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