How many parts are there in a P99?

According to the Carl Walther web site, there are 38 parts in a P99:

However, there are some assemblies that count as one part, but are really more than one part. They are as follows:

  • Decocker complete (#4, two parts)
  • Extractor pin assembly (#6; two parts)
  • Sight detent assembly (#10; two parts)
  • Striker safety assembly (#18; two parts)
  • Recoil spring guide assembly (#21; three parts)
  • Trigger assembly (#24; multiple parts)
  • Barrel catch assembly (#28; two parts)
  • Fire control assembly (#32; multiple parts)
  • Magazine (#33; five parts)

    Also, part number 35, dowel pin 4 x 16, is used twice. One for the magazine release lever, and the other for the backstrap.

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