Who were the designers of the Walther P99?

From the February 1997 issue of Combat Handguns "New Walther P99—Best-Ever 9mm?" article by Frank James, a well respected gun author:

The briefing was given by Horst Wesp, the technical leader on the P99 project for Walther. Herr Wesp made the point, however, that the P99 is the result of a collective effort involving many designers and engineers. Wesp, himself, is an Austrian and formerly worked for Steyr and Glock before joining Walther to develop this new self-defense pistol.

Incidentally, the grip was designed by an Italian, Cesare Morini, renowned for his grips made for Olympic shooters.

According to the article, Roy Melcher, an Interarms engineer, also cooperated with Walther on the design.

Horst Wesp has since retired from Carl Walther. One of the principle designers of the P99 is still at Carl Walther as the head of design for service pistols.

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