What devices can fit on the P99's accessory rail?

The Insight Technology M3 and M6 will not, unfortunately, fit on the P99's accessory rail as-is. 2004 and newer P99s have a redesigned accessory rail that will directly fit the Insight Technology M5 light, and the P99c (aka, P99 Compact) has an accessory rail that will directly fit the Insight Technology X2 Sub Compact or X2 Laser Sub Compact light. The photo below is of a P99c with the ITI X2 Sub Compact light mounted, under its original name XML, co-developed with Springfield Armory for their XD Subcompact series pistols:

Fortunately, there seems to be two solutions for both 2004 and pre-2004 P99s. For pre-2004 P99s, Umarex (the company that owns Carl Walther) manufactures an Picatinny rail adapter that allows the Insight Technology M5 or XML lights to be mounted. For 2004 P99s, and presumably for pre-2004 P99s with the Umarex Picatinny rail adapter, GG&G manufactures a replacement locking bar and locking bar spring for the M3 family of lights. Below is a photo of the Umarex Picatinny rail adapter mounted to a pre-2004 P99:

Laser Devices has a new product on the market this year that fit's the accessory rail and while not as small as the Insight Technology M3 tactical light, it is better than the former offering of having the flashlight hang below the BA-6 laser. The Universal LAS/TAC light system for the Walther P99 is available directly from Laser Devices, and if you want the Walther logo on it (for $100 more), you can get it from Earl's Repair Service. Here are photos of each:


Here is Laser Devices' Universal LAS/TAC brochure in PDF format.

Laser Devices also manufactures a laser, called the BA-6, that attaches to the P99 accessory rail. The BA-6W is identical, but has the "Walther" logo engraved on its body.

You can also put the following on the P99 accessory rail, for attaching lots of things (but we don't recommend doing so because it was designed to be used with CO2 or AirSoft versions of the Walther P99, which have little or no recoil, and using it on a real P99 may damage the frame):

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