Why did Walther change the logo from roll-marking (engraved) the slide to laser etched markings?

All regular P99s and P990s up through when Walther USA went out of business and became Walther America, had the roll marked (engraved) Walther logo.

The P99 QA was the first model that had the laser etched Walther logo.

When Walther Germany had Smith & Wesson manufacture some 5,000 .40 Auto slides and barrels (see FAQ IX-8), they laser etched the Walther logo on it, so that is also a sure way to tell if you have a S&W slide on a .40 Auto model without the German proof marks (see FAQ IX-5). Starting in late 2001, Walther started laser etching logos on the 9mm P99,

although they are apparently still roll marking slides too. So it's unknown if they are going completely to laser etching or not. The ones known for sure to only have laser etching are the P99 Titanium Coated and the P99 QA.

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