What do the various proofmarks on the P99 mean?

The slide, barrel, and frame of 100% German-made P99s bear the "eagle over N" proofmark, which signifies that the pistol was tested with a "proof load." The "N" stands for nitro cellulose, which is used in gun powder. The frame, on the right side under the accessory rail, also bears a staghorn proofmark that signifies that the proofing was done at the ULM/DO proof house. HK pistols are also proofed at ULM/DO.

For P99s made in 2004, including the P99c (Compact), the proofmarks on the frame are located under the accessory rail, as shown in the photo below:

For 2005 and later P99s, including the P99c (Compact), the only proofmark on the frame is the "eagle over N," located on the right side of the trigger guard, in the top-front corner. The slide now bears the "eagle over N" and staghorn proofmarks, and two-letter datecode, all of which are directly under the ejection port on the left side of the slide. Note how the bottom of the dustcover and the right-rear of the slide are now bare. The three photos below are courtesy of JL Shaw and Kwai Lau:


The change of the location of the proofmarks, from 2005, was done so that the proofmarks could be applied without field-stripping the pistol.

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