Are pre-ban full-capacity magazines available for the P99?

Yes, for both 9mm and .40 Auto.

Prior to the expiration of the ban at the federal level, there were questions as to the legality of Walther P99 magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, especially for those for the .40 Auto version. This is now a moot point since the ban at the federal level has expired as of 09/14/2004. With the exception of Canada and certain states in the US, such as California, that continue to restrict magazine capacities, it is now completely legal to own Walther P99 magazines, regardless of any markings that may appear on them. Still, we strongly urge you to check your local or state laws.

When the Walther P99 was first introduced, the magazine capacities for the respective calibers were 16 (9mm) or 12 (.40 Auto) rounds. However, starting in 2004, Carl Walther has downgraded the capacities of both calibers by one round, making them hold 15 (9mm) or 11 (.40 Auto) rounds. The new 15-round 9mm magazines are easily distinguished by having the witness holes on the back of the magazine, as opposed to on both sides of the magazine for the original 16-round and so-called Turkish 15-round ones. The new 15-round 9mm magazines also have a inward-intruding rib that runs vertical on both sides of the magazine, which serves to keep the capacity at 15 rounds. Carl Walther apparently made this magazine capacity change due to the difficulty by some users to insert a full magazine into the pistol with the slide closed.

And, Walther America is currently offering two high-capacity magazines for those who purchase a full size P99 between 08/15/2004 and 12/31/2004. Click here for the details.

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