Can I buy a threaded barrel for my P99?

Yes. Walther manufactures threaded barrels for 9mm P99s. They lack a serial number, but instead bear a two-letter date code and the letters "SD." Here are pictures of one (right photo courtesy of Jim Costanza):


"SD" stands for Schall Daempfer in German, which translates to "sound-dampening" in English, and is thus intended for attaching a suppressor to a P99. Note that it is okay to shoot the P99 with threaded barrel without using the thread protector. The thread protector serves only to protect the threads in case the pistol (or barrel) is dropped or otherwise bumped against a hard object.

There are at least two vintages of threads used for these barrels. Both types use left-handed threads. The first vintage used M12x1 threads (M = Metric; 12 = 12mm diameter; 1 = 1mm pitch), and the current vintage uses M13.5x1 threads.

If you live in California, you can buy the threaded barrel, but you cannot attach it to your P99 because doing so constitutes manufacturing a sport-utility (aka, assault) weapon, which is illegal.

Currently, Earl's Repair Service is the only place from which you can purchase the threaded barrel, except when someone tries to sell one on an auction site.

Jarvis manufactures Walther P99 barrels in 9mm and .40 Auto, and offers them in threaded and ported configurations.

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